Living Legends Governing Body


The Living Legend Foundation's Board of Directors is comprised of industry management veterans from record companies, radio broadcasting, record retailers, and entertainment law. Many of the board members have served as Presidents, Senior Vice Presidents and other senior level positions inside of record companies such as, Sony, BMG, Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group, while the broadcasting field is represented by those who have programmed/ managed some of the biggest and most profitable radio stations in markets such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles.

Those who have run successful retail stores and major distribution companies represent retail. Other members are from some of the most respected trade magazines servicing the urban music scene. All combined, these individuals have been responsible for helping to foster some of the biggest names in music today, from Luther to Usher, from Aretha to Whitney from the Sugar Hill Gang to Outkast and from The Supremes to Destiny's Child, to name a few. The organization also has an advisory board made up of today's top industry executives from all sectors of today entertainment community.

This total mix allows the organization to remain vibrant, relevant and most importantly best able to serve the needs of its constituency. Furthermore, it helps to ensure that by supporting the Living Legends Foundation your tax deductible contributions are in capable hands and deserving of your support.


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